Nyime is a private law enforcement company, with its humble beginnings starting in March 2013 and have grown from strength to strength with the company currently employing over 80 personnel. Nyime mainly focus on protecting private commercial farms whether it is game or livestock properties. Lately Nyime has started supporting even government properties and also currently protects various Rhino and Elephant sanctuaries.

Nyime’s main objective is to provide a law enforcement service in support of both our clients’ unique set of needs and the efforts of the Namibian police or relevant conservation services. Our loyalty to our clients is evident in our retained clients since the first day of operation and confirmed by our continual successful apprehensions over the past years. Our APU personnel are trained to handle a diversity of situations, to adapt to each challenge and to intelligently manage each incident to our advantage in order to successfully apprehend the transgressor and protect our client’s assets. Although our personnel is specialised in anti-stock or game theft techniques we also have much success in providing overall property protection and safety.

  • Normally we operate in two to four men tactical teams but we can also operate individually
  • We prefer to patrol by foot but also incorporate patrols by motor or quad bike
  • Mobile roadblocks in cooperation with the Namibian Police or M.E.T
  • Night time observation posts using Night vision technology
  • We have support of UAV (drone) operators if extra surveillance or areal support might be required
  • Seek and destroy any type of snares
  • Study animal behaviour in patrolled areas to confirm un-regular behaviours and possible disturbances
  • Upon finding any snares or carcasses the APU unit will automatically setup for ambush of return poachers
  • Recording relevant intelligence on farm workers, families, movements and general community aspects
  • Using local informants from the community to aid in focusing our objectives
  • Follow up operations on any suspicious movement or tracks on clients properties
  • If required units can assist with veldt fires or general emergencies as seen fit by management
  • On request we can provide static guards to assist when on holiday or other special requirements
  • Static operations will implement OB books and Visitor logs for control, do vehicle or staff searches
  • On patrol APU units also inspect fencing and report any damages
  • A reaction/supervision vehicle will be on standby 24 hr to respond to any support requirements from the APU or client
  • Both reaction and APU are in constant radio contact with the area operations office
  • APU teams are fully equipped as per operational requirement and will also do random ambush or surveillance patrols

Contact Nyime

P.O. Box 966, Grootfontein, Namibia

Dirk Visser – +264 81 124 8208

Stephen Weyand – +264 81 247 5077

Nick Nell – +264 81 129 6737



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